Real Estate:

Commercial & Residential

Real Estate and Oil & Gas Transactions

We advise individuals, businesses, developers, and investors in financing, acquisition, development, and the sale and leasing of real estate interests, and oil & gas mineral interests.

Real Estate Document Preparation

The myriad of legal documents that typically accompany any residential or commercial real estate or oil & gas transaction must be prepared correctly to accomplish the proper transfer of interests in land and—more importantly—to ensure your property rights are secured. Mann Phillips offers document preparation for most documents at a flat fee.

Landlord and Tenant Law

Mann Phillips represents parties on both sides of a residential or commercial lease. From our practice we know that for every Landlord who is struggling to protect their rights as a landlord, there is a tenant struggling to protect their rights as a tenant. Our Firm can assist in the drafting and execution of leases, lawsuits related to breach of those contracts, and evictions.

Mechanic's and Materialmen's Liens

Texas law provides strong protections for tradesmen. Our firm can assist in the collection of funds due for work performed on construction, supply, and labor contracts. Making the proper demands and filing liens at the right time can ensure the long-term protection of your right to funds owed to you. Do not delay, as timing is an essential element of these protections.


Our Firm can assist in a wide range of Real Estate litigation matters such as adverse possession, boundary disputes, contract disputes, title disputes, specific performance, and more.

Oil & Gas Leasing

Texas law protects oil and gas exploration and development rights. Mann Phillips protects the rights of all invovlved in oil and gas leases.

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