Estate Planning & Probate


It is highly advisable to have a regularly updated will that reflects your wishes. When a correctly executed will is in place, it will serve to carry out your final wishes, protect your family assets, and generally ease the process for your loved ones. Mann Phillips is ready to help you protect them and secure your family’s estate. It is extremely important that this document is executed correctly to be effective in the manner desired.



For estates with extensive assets, it may be advisable to establish a trust during life or at the time of death. We can assist in organizing your assets in a carefully crafted package which will ensure the long-term protection of assets within the trust.




Probate is the process of distributing estate assets according to either a testamentary document (a will), or according to Texas intestacy laws. Mann Phillips is experienced in handling all types of estates and ensuring your family’s assets will be correctly and lawfully distributed.

Family Agreements


A family settlement agreement is a method for disposition of estate assets. It can be very useful as a means of estate distribution or when potential beneficiaries or other parties may intend to contest the validity of a Will.

Power of Attorney, Directive to Physicians, and Medical Power of Attorney

These powerful documents are an essential part of your estate planning package. It is important to designate an agent of your choosing to assist you in medical and financial decisions and carry out your wishes if you should ever become unable to do so yourself. A power of attorney can be designed to be effective now, to become effective at a specified date, or to become effective at the time of incapacity. As with a will, it is extremely important that these documents be executed correctly to be effective in the manner desired.

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